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Fire-Fighting Pump Performance Testing Process

Updated: May 15

Testing the performance of fire-fighting pump is crucial to ensure that the equipment functions as intended during emergencies. Here are general guidelines for conducting quality testing on various types of fire-fighting equipment:

Fire Pump Systems:

Flow Test: Test the flow of water through the fire pump system to ensure it meets design specifications.

Pressure Test: Check the pressure gauges and ensure they are within the acceptable range.


It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and industry standards when conducting these tests. Additionally, testing frequency and procedures may vary, so consult local regulations and standards relevant to your location. Regular maintenance, inspection, and testing contribute to the overall reliability of fire-fighting equipment. Always involve qualified professionals when conducting more complex tests or inspections.

Metel Industries LLC is ISO 9001:2015 Certified company and NFPA member. We have factory trained engineers and technicians which have up to date knowledge of latest  production techniques. Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with testing rig facility of Firefighting Pumps up to 3000 US GPM.

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